RISE ICT stories: Welcome to The Hate Bin, a tool to handle hate on the internet

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Lately, online harassment has been highlighted as a troubling phenomena both in traditional and social media. Individuals have spoken up about being exposed, harassed and attacked through online communication, with little or no means to defend themselves.

The psychological, professional and social consequences for individuals and groups can be severe. Judging from the racist and sexist nature of many reported cases, the phenomena appears to undermine citizens’ and users’ equal opportunities to make their voices heard and to participate online. Online harassment still affects a wide variety of individuals and organizations in society: journalists, bloggers, politicians, as well as individuals and children, media companies, social media platforms, schools and interest groups online.

The Hate Bin is a project that aims to explore the phenomena of online harassment through user research and design prototypes. The goal is to develop tools to support people (individuals, groups and organizations) in handling and processing the experience of online harassment.

The Hate Bin is offering a digital trash can for online harassment published on Twitter. Here, users can toss threats, hate and harassment they receive or see on Twitter. Messages do not disappear from Twitter, but end up anonymously in The Hate Bin.

With The Hate Bin plug-in installed on the computer, users can select what they consider a hateful tweet and throw it in the bin. The author of the malicious status update will not be notified about the action. The observations and contributions can make researchers understand more about online harassment, and develop better tools to handle it.

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