RISE ICT stories: The Media Distribution of Tomorrow

Online traffic and congestion are increasing every year and require more and more energy. Ensuring sustainable media distribution, without the user experiencing a degradation in perceived quality, is the key challenge being tackled by the EFRAIM project.

Movies, music, TV, images and other media are currently distributed in large volumes via the global communication network both live and on-demand. This traffic is growing dramatically – a trend that produces both opportunities and challenges. Creating energy-efficient, robust and scalable media distribution with maximum performance and retained quality is an enormous task. The research project set up to address this issue is the Ecosystem for Future Media Distribution (EFRAIM).

Important first steps

So far, researchers working with EFRAIM have begun to analyze and identify (current and future) challenges and market trends. User perception and media consumption are particularly important in this project and are central to the development of solutions for network architectures and media distribution with reduced energy consumption.

“Working on these issues feels both inspiring and important,” says Andreas Aurelius, Project Manager of EFRAIM and an employee at RISE Acreo. “Now, when more and more people are using and providing online media services, we hope to be able to help strengthen Swedish participants in the market,” he adds.

Unique, cross-industry consortium

A cross-industry consortium has been created to accomplish this goal, which consists of Spotify, SVT, TV4, Ericsson, TeliaSonera, Qbrick, Peerialism, LTH, RISE SICS and RISE Acreo. Other participants will be invited over the course of the project to industry talks about business models, rights and sustainability.

EFRAIM was active during Internet Days 2012 and organized the session “Technology and Services for Tomorrow’s TV”. This event consisted of a panel with representatives from SVT, Qbrick and Magine, who presented their views of the current situation in media distribution and media consumption and ideas about future developments. The discussion during this session illustrated what EFRAIM is all about – gathering representatives of participants within media distribution to jointly clarify challenges and solutions.

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