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The Göta Älv river is the longest in Sweden and flows right through the city of Gothenburg. Important inland shipping creates problems for the city’s authorities as opening bridges causes traffic delays. These are among the challenges of the ambitious GOTRIS research and innovation project.

The goal of GOTRIS is to create a traffic-man-agement platform in Gothenburg between different modes of transport that addresses different stakeholders’ needs. The monumental challenge of GOTRIS is to optimize shipping traffic with minimum disruption to road and rail transports. If that wasn’t enough, the railroad is already working at near-maximum capacity, so every ship poses a potential cause for delay.

Efficient and environmentally friendly

A fully developed GOTRIS platform means that freight traffic can flow freely over the river and the Port of Gothenburg can expand. Efficient and environmentally friendly transport can realistically be achieved by minimizing waiting time and fuel use. This means a modern well-functioning city with minimal interference from bridge openings.

A pilot version of the platform is currently under development. Information sources from the railways, the city and shipping will be integrated, while models for control and optimization will be developed for ships, traffic management and the road system.

Combining expertise to solve problems

The innovative project brings together rail, maritime and road authorities and allows them to share information and services in a River Information Service (RIS) for the Göta Älv river. By sharing the same information and services, the project will demonstrate how the Vänern and Göta Älv river shipping can be controlled and guided in an optimal way for different modes of transport.

The consortium that will carry out the project consists of industry actors, government and infrastructure holders, software developers, and research and innovation partners.

Industry participants: Ahlmarks Line, Thun Company Erik Thun AB, Vänerhamn AB and the Port of Gothenburg; Authorities and infrastructure holders: City of Gothenburg, Karlstad, Kristinehamn, Region Värmland, Maritime Administration, the Swedish Transport Administration and Region Västra Götaland; Service Developers: Intelligent Port Systems AB (Inport) and Trafikverket ICT; Research and Innovation Partners: Chalmers University of Technology, SSPA Sweden AB and RISE Viktoria (project managers).

The project is funded by VINNOVA, Swedish Transport Agency, City of Gothenburg, Region of Västra Götaland, Region of Värmland, Municipality of Kristinehamn, and Municipality of Karlstad.

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