RISE ICT stories: Strengthening children’s democracy in Children Make

There’s something magical about watching someone learn and experience the sense of pride and joy when creating things and coming up with ideas with other people. This is what Children Make is all about.

The project has been arranged twice, in Belgrade in 2014 and in Istanbul during fall 2015, as part of the Young Voices project. The aim is to spread the knowledge and tools needed to work with the Convention of the Rights of the Child. This is achieved by letting children co-create culture, both physically and digitally.

Engaging children in making is important. Today, the world is surrounded by digital tools and materials. The digital revolution has made technology into so much more than just infrastructure, heavy systems and frameworks. Children Make believes in combining art, crafting and knowledge about design and making, mixing them all together and then adding some new tools, technologies, and methodologies. By setting up an environment containing all of these tools, the project can show and educate in the concept of a makerspace.

A makerspace in a formal or informal educational setting raises awareness of science and technology. It provides a place of making and reflecting, working and experimenting. It teaches methodologies and practices that might inspire more young girls and boys to take the path towards becoming a scientist or an engineer. But it also provides a place of culture and exploration of the arts. It’s a place for assembly, for spreading information and for the expression of the mind. In so many ways, the maker culture is a way of strengthening children's rights.

That is why RISE Interactive believe it’s important that children make.

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