RISE ICT stories: Safeguarding water supply

The safe and efficient supply of clean water is a global challenge. Standards must be maintained and supply-chain problems detected early in order to prevent unnecessary disruptions in industry processes. RISE Acreo manages a large consortium developing a sensorbased, online monitoring solution that will provide safe and resource-efficient water management.

RISE Acreo and RISE SICS, in cooperation with over 20 project partners, are developing an online monitoring solution for safe water management. The solution uses sensor technology to detect small quantities of microorganisms, metals, surfactants and oil in order to secure water quality from environmental, economic and health perspective. These sensors are linked to a service and communication platform, including advanced data analysis, for online monitoring of the water quality. The monitoring is online, which means deviations are detected much faster (within one to two hours) than what is possible with today’s methods. Based on the results, appropriate actions can be taken.

Complete solution

The goal is to develop a complete solution for resource-efficient and safe water management. To be able to address the whole issue of water quality management, both for sustainable cities and for competitive production, the project has included drinking water producers and distributors, the production industry, sensor manufacturers and technical expertise in the consortium.

Testbeds and trial installations

The project started in 2011 and stretches beyond the end of the current funding phase that ends in 2014. “Right now, we develop sensor technologies and identify measuring points. RISE SICS coordinates communication issues and is responsible for the service and communication platform,” says Teresita Qvarnström at Acreo.

A test bed is being established and sensors will be installed at water treatment plants in Göta Älv river and Mälaren, and at steel and paper plants. “The test bed gives us the opportunity to demonstrate, adjust and develop the technologies we use. Hopefully, part of this distributed test bed will also be used by green tech companies that are not part of the consortium,” says Linda Olofsson at Acreo.

The project, named SENSATION, is financed by VINNOVA.

Project partners

Aqua-Q , Cerlic Controls, Chalmers, Combitech, Göteborg Stad, Iggesund, IVL, Lennheden vatten, Linköpings universitet, Norrvatten, Penttech, Primozone, SSAB, Swerea IVF, Swerea Kimab, Sydvatten, Trollhättan energi, Uponor, Vivab, Volvo, Finnish partners, RISE SICS and RISE Acreo.

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