Stokab, a socio-economic study (acr055698en)

Forzati, M., Mattsson, C.
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For almost 20 years, the City of Stockholm, via Stokab, has strategically invested in the development of an open, operator-neutral fibre network for everyone. Many articles and reports have been written on this, but primarily from a journalistic perspective. However, no research studies were until now available on the economic effects which Stokab generates for Stockholm. Acreo Swedish ICT has therefore carried out a study. The study shows that these investments have achieved the desired effects on the city’s IT development and the establishment of IT-related activities, but also that they have generated significant economic benefits for society, enterprises and citizens.
The final report ”Stokab, a socio-economic analysis” describes the Stokab model and its effects on the different stakeholders, analysing Stokab’s own economy, cost savings for the municipality and the county administration, as well as benefits for businesses and end users. Moreover, Stockholm is compared to Copenhagen, which has conditions similar to Stockholm, but where the municipality has not taken an active role in the city’s fibre network.
The socio-economic return on Stokab investment in fibre infrastructure is estimated in this study to over 16 billion SEK, or €1.9 billion at the current exchange rate. This result is based on a few quantifiable effects alone and we expect the actual return to be considerably larger.

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