RISE ICT stories: “Project-in-a-Week” with Crown Equipment Corporation, a Global Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of Heavy Equipment

A global OEM of heavy equipment with headquarters in the U.S. invited design researchers from the RISE Interactive to architect and facilitate a new way of working with previous research, organizational competence, and user insight.

The activities in the “project-in-a-week” format allowed 11 employees to work with a sustained focus on a single business problem as an alternative to the common fragmented, long-term approach to business questions. The radically new collaborative process brought people from different departments together for five days of analysis, future scenario development, on-site customer engagements, concept development, and efforts to engage executives. For Interactive Institute, it was an opportunity to adapt a variety of experimental, socially-oriented techniques into a coherent structure with highly engaged participants. For Crown, the “project-in-a-week” triggered a significant conversation about the relationship between headquarters, branch, and customer. The concrete results were twofold: 1. Direct impact: Resulting scenarios functioned as "mock ups" for ideas that the company piloted within three months – next step is to test and price the final offer, and scale-up across the U.S. 2. New method: The success of the collaborative, iterative and tangible approach for working from research insight to concept development has been recognized to bring unique benefit to the company goals. In collaboration with the Interactive Institute, a second project-in-a-week focusing on a new topic, takes place in March 2015.

"Working with the RISE Interactive gave us the opportunity to shape the research and workshop approach in a customized way for our company and for the specific problem space. They were not going to give us a generic approach, but really took the time to work with us to shape it in a spirit of co-creation." Jill Lawrence - Design Research Director Crown – Client.

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