SME activities at RISE ICT

One of our strengths is our focus on both excellence and innovation. We have developed a very effective collaborative process to increase competitiveness and innovation in industry. Turnover in established SME related to joint R&D projects with the institutes within RISE ICT was 320 MSEK in 2014.

To start a new business is also a way to create renewal in industry and society based on ICT. In addition to supporting existing companies, RISE ICT has a successful process to create and support new businesses based on our research results. The turnover in spinoff companies with roots in the RISE ICT institutes was 2 billion SEK in 2014.

Our offer

Company Assessment

We meet to discuss your ideas and plans. We assess your challenges and needs, as well as your weak spots and obstacles for growth.

Business Development

We review and give feedback on your business plans. This also includes IPR related issues and links to SME support programmes.

Innovation Management Assessment

We assess your innovation management process and propose concrete measures to improve your innovation capacity.

Innovation Support and Technology Transfer

Through our national and international networks, we get you connected with the right experts who can contribute to your innovation.

Access to R&D Facilities and Expertise

Through RISE ICT and the divisions within RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), we provide access to testbeds, labs, demonstrators and expertise.

Start-up Boost

We help your ICT start-up to run faster and in the right direction with our support at Level 6 business accelerator

National Research, Development and Innovation Funding

We help you to find the most appropriate scheme from regional and national funding agencies.

Going International

Through Enterprise Europe Network, we help you make the most of business opportunities in the EU and beyond.

EU Research and Innovation Funding

Taking part in an EU funded research project is a great way to boost your company’s competitiveness. We help you identify the right funding scheme, connect you with the right partners and guide you through the process.



The network helps SMEs to develop their business in new markets, source or license new technologies and get access to EU funding. SME Development at RISE ICT, is one of around 600 network member organizations across the EU and beyond, that delivers this service.


SME Development at RISE ICT is one of 8 partners operating this EU support office to help Swedish SMEs to join EU funded Research and Innovation projects. The service includes project idea reviews, partners search, coaching during project implementation etc.


SME Development at RISE ICT is part of Industriell Dynamik, a regional support network in Västra Götaland providing access to feasibility studies and R&D project funding for SMEs in the region.

Contact us

Adam Edström
International Affairs / Innovation Coach
adam.edstrom [at]
+46 702 57 97 34