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IKEA boasts more than 8,000 different products in stock. New models and designs are added weekly. The Swedish furniture giant must keep the innovation process constantly in motion to maintain its market share and uphold the brand.

Like many companies, IKEA is continually looking for ways to innovate its product range. Together with RISE Interactive and VeryDay, the Swedish furniture giant will explore a new method of innovation during 2013 that draws on customer insights more than ever before.

Get closer to your customers

The innovative research project aims to develop a consumer-focused approach that will show how users involved in the concept development phase can improve innovation. A lead user has special needs, special skills and great experience in a certain product or service domain. Open innovation through a lead user approach can give companies a competitive advantage by enabling them to leverage the knowledge and ingenuity of the lead user.

“IKEA is interested in coming into closer contact with the customer and to get into a co-creation process,” comments Interactive Institute’s Brendon Clark. “IKEA is a pioneer in opening traditional business areas by inviting customers into their warehouse-like stores and the product assembly process. But they don’t necessarily have a history of inviting customers into the design process,” he adds.

Examine every element of your processes

Interactive Institute, with IKEA and VeryDay, are setting up innovation labs to involve stakeholders, lead users, and other valuable competences. The labs will move over the stages of lead user research, analysis, co-creation, express prototyping and user evaluation of prototypes and concepts. The members will be involved in activities such as trend analysis, lead user studies, and collaborative design. In this way, the project has a “collaborative mode” of conducting research where the stakeholders can explore their interest in a rapid research process based on user involvement. The labs will be based on both face-to-face and online interactions.

Project partners

IKEA, VeryDay and RISE Interactive.

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