RISE ICT stories: Into the Telecom Future

For each new telecom generation, new advanced computer science technologies work their way into telecom systems and become hot topics for collaboration between RISE SICS and Ericsson.

Current topics include:

Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning for processing and extracting insights from vast amounts of network traffic and system data in real time; Stochastic Modeling and Analysis for reasoning about capacity and managing risks of large complex technical systems under high and unpredictable loads; Virtualization for flexible matching of software to hardware; Cloud Computing for providing resources to services when and where they are needed; Constraint Programming for a range of operations scheduling and optimization problems; and clever compilers that bridge the gap between expressive High Level Programming Languages and specialized high performance hardware.

Peering into the telecom future, we envisage full integration of sophisticated data-driven management methods in telecom networks, providing real-time situational awareness of all traffic and system activities, understanding the now, analyzing the past, and predicting the future, and automatic decision making mechanisms that continuously optimize network performance, handling traffic surges, equipment failure, attacks, and novel traffic patterns due to new apps, devices, and user habits. The network will be entirely virtualized, enabling flexible orchestration of services on resources, as well as powerful mechanisms for deployment, isolation, management, monitoring, and testing. This future operating system and development environment for telecom networks will be supported by higher-level and platform-neutral software development tools, offering great increases in productivity.

In October 2014, Ericsson and RISE SICS entered a Collaboration Agreement for long-term strategic cooperation in selected areas. SICS is happy to be part of this journey.

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