Interview: Ulrika Linderhed, Acreo

Ulrika Linderhed, development engineer, Printed Electronics

What has been your focus during 2015?

I have been working a lot on developing more efficient electrolyte ink for printed displays. There are now water-free varieties that print more evenly and seem to have much longer retention time than older varieties. Right now I am working on optimizing printability, retention time and functionality at lower and higher humidity levels for water-free electrolyte ink.

What is electrolyte ink used for?

The electrolyte layer in a printed display conducts ionic charge between the electrodes and makes the display change color. Cheap, thin, biodegradable and easy to produce, our printed displays are set to become commonplace in everyday life, with applications ranging from food labeling to printed batteries.

What is the best thing about working for Acreo?

The atmosphere and the opportunities for personal development are among the best aspects of working here. Getting involved in working life with such a great team as we have at the office in Norrköping has spurred me on. I have a certain level of responsibility but also the support to grow, which means that I look forward to work every day.

This interview was published in our annual report 2015.