Interview: Theodore Vasiloudis, SICS

Theodore Vasiloudis, Researcher at SICS Swedish ICT

How did you find your way to SICS?

“After I finished my B.Sc. in Greece I wanted to study machine learning, an area of science that was increasing in popularity at the time. KTH Royal Institute of Technology was one of the few high profile universities in Europe that fitted the bill. I completed my Master’s thesis at Spotify, and from there the step was not farto SICS where machine learning is a central and growing research area.”

What is the essence of your current work?

“My focus is on relationships between objects in very large data sets. I am working with a model for semantic relations, which means they are not only between words, but between concepts or meanings. This way we can extract useful information from massive datasets in most business areas.”

This interview was published in our annual report 2015.