Interview: Petronella Norberg, Acreo

Petronella Norberg, Group Manager Future technologies and Project Manager at the Department for Printed Electronics, Acreo Swedish ICT, Norrköping

Printed electronics has really had a boost in 2013. Why do you think?

We started to work in printed electronics in 1999, and in the beginning there was general curiosity about the new technology. Now we can demonstrate useful, working systems, and we are much closer to the market. Today there is genuine interest from industry, and the awareness of the potential use of the technology is much greater.

You have played a vital role in developing a functioning disposable printed biosensor. How far is it from the market?

That is a difficult question. It all depends. Within the medical field it usually takes some time before you see the products on the market. And low-cost applications for the mass-market take longer than high-cost products for niche markets. We do have the platform ready for use by industry, and we are now actively seeking partners.

Printed Electronics at Acreo and the Laboratory of Organic Electronics, Linköping University moved into the same premises in 2013 – Why was that?

We have a long and close collaboration with the Laboratory of Organic Electronics at Linköping University. They are strong in fundamental research and we have our strength in application and commercialization. It makes a lot of sense to share office space – it makes the process of taking over and commercializing the results of their research run so much smoother.

This interview was published in our annual report 2013.