Interview: Marco Forzati, Acreo

Marco Forzati, senior scientist, socio-economic studies in ICT, Acreo Swedish ICT, born in Italy

2013 was an exceptional year for your area of expertise – in what way?

We are extremely proud to have been selected asexperts for the European Commission in the area of broadband access. We can offer something unique – research focusing on social and economic issues alongside a solid technical knowledge.

The recent study – “Effects of digital services for the elderly. An economic analysis " – can you give us a short summary?

Digital home services could save billions in homecare costs for Sweden's municipalities. Even with a broadband penetration as low as 10 %, the use of digital home services would mean substantial savings. Improving the broadband infrastructure will provide savings much greater than the costs. The money saved could be used for instance to improve the quality and extend the coverage of home care.

Can you describe the overall benefits of your research and methods – for society and industry?

I’m excited to be working with this kind of research where I can see results directly. Our studies represent a powerful tool for decision makers and politicians to understand the socio-economic importance of next generation broadband for everyone: a crucial infrastructure for society in the 21st century. Achieving an extensive, neutral and open broadband infrastructure will be a win-win situation for all – citizens, the market and society as a whole.

This interview was published in our annual report 2013.