Interview: Jim Dowling, SICS

Jim Dowling is Associate Professor at KTH ICT and senior researcher at SICS Swedish ICT. He teaches four different courses at KTH and conducts research in two highly topical areas - cloud computing and big data. These hot areas of cloud computing and big data attract students: Jim supervises five PhD and currently six master's students, including three Erasmus Mundus’ students.

Why is it that SICS attracts so many students for their master’s thesis projects?

“We have world-class research at SICS and we have interesting research projects in exciting areas. Students are given the chance to grow and may be involved in start-ups”, says Jim.

It takes a lot of time to supervise master’s thesis projects. But master’s students also give a lot back - Jim is convinced that good master's thesis projects are necessary in a research environment, providing a great synergy between researchers.

“This is an important way to bring new ideas and innovation into our research areas. It is often a prerequisite for the continued development of those research areas,” he says.

What is the next big hot area?

“I would like to do research into "Deep Learning". It is the next big area ‒ at least for me. It's an interesting combination of Big Data and Machine Learning.”

Caption: Jim with his doctoral student Salman Niazi, who is working in the Scalable Computer Systems (SCALE) Laboratory, a collaboration between SICS Swedish ICT and KTH.

This interview was published in our annual report 2013.