Interview: Håkan Sundelin, Viktoria

Håkan Sundelin, Researcher at Viktoria Swedish ICT.

You have just recently left Scania to take up a research position at Viktoria Swedish ICT. What is it about institute life that prompted you to switch jobs?

I was enticed by the opportunity to better understand how major system changes in the transport sector affect the entire transport system and society as a whole. These questions are indubitably important to individual players too, although the questions are so prodigious that they are often steered clear of. But, at Viktoria Swedish ICT, I am now being afforded the opportunity to study the system in its entirety.

Now that you are able to see both sides of the coin; how do you think the institute sector can best support inustry?

We can support industry by working in those areas that overlap and by facilitating cooperation, thereby acting as a lubricant to effectively amass knowledge. I also strongly believe in utilizing the capacity for dexterity within the institute and its ability to provide knowledge and competencies in the near future. This enables us to be an excellent partner to academia, which often takes a little longer to get off the ground.

You are passionate about electric road power. What do you consider to be the main prerequisite for this to become a reality, and how can institutes assist?

Even if I, at present and based on existing knowledge, have a strong belief that electric road power will be a part of the solution in achieving sustainable road transport, I will reevaluate that belief if new knowledge proves otherwise. That is more difficult to do for an industrial entity that has perhaps invested heavily in a specific technological solution. The most important contribution we can make is to serve as an independent player and to be able to examine the alternatives in a critical manner from a system perspective, and then present correct and substantiated decisions.

This interview was published in our annual report 2015.