Interview: Erik Einebrant, Interactive Institute

Erik Einebrant , Researcher at Interactive Institute Swedish ICT.

Erik Einebrant is a researcher at Interactive Institute Swedish ICT in Gothenburg. Today, his primarily focus lies on the H2020 project Tribe, where the opportunities to affect sustainable behavior through gamification in shared spaces like offices, schools are investigated.

Erik have also been a part of the maker project Children Make and lectured thelecturers in the concept of maker culture.

- Going to Kragujevac with Children Make, and to Vis for the conference AjTiSi is probably the most exciting things I have done during 2015. The meetings of fantastic people and different cultures characterized both happenings.

- 2016 is the year of virtual reality. I personally hope for a lot of game releases, both outside and inside the context of my job as a researcher at Interactive Institute. I also look forward to develop further into the interaction possibilities of mobile VR.

This interview was published in our annual report 2015.