Interview: Cristina Rusu, Acreo

Cristina Rusu, Associated Professor and Senior Researcher at Acreo Swedish ICT.

Give us an example of your research on wireless micro-sensors.

In the FP7 project (EU-project) WIISEL we developed a continuous gait monitoring system for elderly. It is a wireless and unobtrusive sensing insole. In a smart energy project we design energy harvester for self-powering micro-sensors. Prototypes have been tested in real-life conditions with good results.

What are you working with right now?

I am now involved in an exciting multi-disciplinary project within VINNOVA´s Challenge-Driven Innovation program “Next generation ́s test system for faster and more secure biological evaluation of drugs, materials and chemicals” with partners in the entire value-chain.

This interview was published in our annual report 2014.