Interview: Anna Sirkka, Interactive Institute

Anna Sirkka, Studio Director at Interactive Institute Swedish ICT.

Anna Sirkka is a studio director in Piteå, successfully leading a team of sound specialists and interaction designers. She holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and specializes in sound design. Before joining Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, she worked in the automotive industry for five years..

“I’m driven by great curiosity, a desire to understand people and their context, as well as the ability to influence society. For me, this entails a team effort. My colleagues are very important to me, and progress and development are rarely individual achievements," says Anna.

The past year has been an exciting time for Anna and her team. Their highly acclaimed work dubbing electric vehicles has received a great deal of attention, and their project to remotely control a 10-meter wide organ with 9,000 pipes was an unexpected challenge.

Looking to the future, Anna hopes to shift more toward visual interaction.

"One of our goals is to excel at user experiences by combining sound design with augemented reality, virtual reality and 360° videos.”

This interview was published in our annual report 2015.