RISE ICT stories: Innovation challenges in the vehicle industry

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Innovation contests are one way to organize open innovation. Research has shown that third party development can accelerate development of new services and products, but that this type of distributed development needs to be controlled. RISE Viktoria has a track record of building knowledge about innovation through innovation challenges, from the awarded Travelhack events to recent Vehicle ICT Arena open innovation challenges and the most recent Electricity Innovation Challenge.

“One way to control distributed development is to organize the work using a methodology that retains the creative power at the third party developers that is needed to create results. The way we at RISE Viktoria have chosen to study to achieve this is innovation contests,” says Dr. Anders Hjalmarsson, Senior Researcher and specialist in innovation challenges, at RISE Viktoria.

By supporting stakeholders to organize innovation contests, pre-requisites for research about how such contests should be organized to achieve wanted effects are created. We can also study how the results of innovation contests should be taken care of, so that ideas and prototypes can be converted into successful products that can be launched to the market. One important part of this research is to study barriers emanating when distributed development shall be implemented in industrial product development and production in the vehicle industry.

“Our goal is to develop methodologies and strategies for the vehicle industry and the transport sector to successfully use open innovation with external stakeholders, leading to development of new services and products that strengthen the competitiveness of actors in these area.

A key factor for this is to work in close cooperation with actors in the vehicle industry and transport sector. Beyond strengthening the competitiveness, our work is also driven by stimulating the development of climate friendly vehicles and sustainable transports. A recurring theme for the innovation contests that we are involved in is therefore sustainability and smart mobility,” concludes Dr. Hjalmarsson.

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