RISE ICT stories: Experience History through Bronze Age Binoculars

Vitlycke Museum is an experience and knowledge center for the Tanum UNESCO World Heritage site, and its Bronze Age rock carvings. From a new observation point, visitors will have a view of the landscape and rock carvings. Modern technology, designed by RISE Interactive, will offer an augmented reality of the view, allowing visitors to see the way the site looked in the Bronze Age.

Bronze Age Binoculars is a joint project of Interactive Institute and Vitlycke Museum with the goal of researching, designing, prototyping and building a new technology concept for the World Heritage site. The binocular technology will be designed through a user-centered, participatory design process. The binoculars can be equipped with different digital filters to illustrate different aspect of the site.

The Bronze Age Binoculars will enable visitors to view the World Heritage area as they are in a time machine, thus enabling a better understanding of local history and its implications on society. The different digital filters projected on the modern-day background could be photos, videos and animations to illustrate what the area looked like thousands of years ago and how people lived.

"Working with novel innovation in visualization and participatory design in the development of the World Heritage area at Vitlycke creates new opportunities for us, says Aleka Karayeorgopoulos, Director, Vitlycke Museum.

The Bronze Age Binoculars will be installed at the new visitor’s center obeservation point in the Tanum World Heritage area. The center will be opened in the summer of 2015.

This technology is a true time machine, and as such it can also be used to look into the future. The binoculars could be equipped with digital filters to project development plans for cities, for example, to create realistic alternative visualizations of an area.

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