Livestreamed seminar: How digitalization is transforming healthcare

27/5 we livestreamed a seminar looking at the transformation of healthcare from our headquarter in Kista, Stockholm. Welcome to watch it below.

5 ways digitalization is transforming healthcare

Modern ICT is giving the healthcare industry a much-needed upgrade, for instance by shifting focus from medical documentation tools to mobile apps that help patients live healthier lives. The advances in technology could help save money and improve patient treatment. This talk will show 5 concrete examples all implying that we’re entering a new era of healthcare.


There is no audio in the beginning, please jump to 2:45 for the start.


Speaker: Dag Forsén
Dag is working as a project manager at Digital Health Lab at SICS Swedish ICT in Norrköping and he has more than 20 years experience from various types of Internet-related activities.

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eHealth - Business area at Swedish ICT

Wednesday, May 27, 2015, 14:00 to 15:00