RISE ICT stories: Environmental sensors making cities better places to live

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Rapid urbanization is leading to deteriorating city environments and posing a threat to general health. But effective environmental monitoring can slow this phenomenon. This is the basis for a project in which RISE Acreo is collaborating with seven partners to develop cheap, simple environmental monitors for better air quality.

The project, owned by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, focuses on noise-pollution monitoring systems and the most significant air pollution factors that have a negative effect on human health.

Jonas Lindqvist from RISE Acreo says: “It is possible to reduce the negative effects through real-time monitoring of air quality and noise pollution. To reach our target, we are combining the development of sensors and measurement systems with a business model involving various players within the area.”

Acreo’s part involves contributing communications solutions for data collection, business models and sensor development. The project’s first phase will include laboratory tests and possibly a pilot project.

“To create added value to environmental monitoring and remedial planning, we will also look at visualization of the measurement data, and how best to share data that will be used later in the project. In that way we can increase awareness of what makes a good or bad environment for the public. It will also create a foundation for better town planning in the future,” Lindqvist says.

The partners involved in the project are: IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, RISE Acreo, Fiber Optic Valley, In Situ Instrument AB, Malmö municipality, University of Gävle, Mid Sweden University and SenseAir AB.

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