RISE ICT stories: Ensuring User Integrity when Handling Internet Traffic Data

“An exciting and important project with an impressive constellation of partners” is how VINNOVA describes the new RISE Acreo project, DISTINCT (Distributed measurements of ICT-usage). The project’s aim is to contribute to a digital society in which we can use Internet traffic data to develop services and infrastructure in a way that does not conflict with personal integrity.

Getting access to Internet usage measurement data from real end users is difficult, as the legal parameters are ambiguous. The result of the project will be a measurement platform that includes technical measurement equipment as well as review processes for handling integrity issues in measurement taking, data handling, and data storage.

“Through interdisciplinary cooperation between legal and technical experts, we want to be able to provide open data to develop methods and processes for safeguarding personal integrity. These methods are useful to us as well as to many other stakeholders,” said Christina Lagerstedt, project leader at RISE Acreo.

The project will develop a concept for an integrity-reviewed platform for distributed measurements of Internet traffic. A consortium of relevant partners from both industry and academia will be built to realize this concept as a larger project.

DISTINCT is partly funded by VINNOVA. Lund University, Info24 and Södertörn University are partners in the project.

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DISTINCT: Distributed measurements of ICT-usage

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