RISE ICT stories: eHealth at Home A Strategic Agenda for eHealth Innovation in Sweden

RISE ICT has devised an action plan for positioning Sweden at the forefront of development and implementation of services and products to support home care for the elderly and chronically ill.

The care of elderly and chronically ill is moving back into our homes

Caring for an aging population is one of the major challenges of the future. Several trends indicate that we are moving from institutional care to a growing focus on the individual caretaker at home. We tend to take more responsibility for our own health, stay healthy longer and postpone the need for care and medical attention. When health problems finally catch up with us, we want to live our lives at home with good services and a good quality of life.

Sweden has a chance to take the lead in eHealth

Sweden has a strategic opportunity to pioneer solutions that may be required throughout the developed world, and a unique opportunity to build an industry for a much larger market than just Sweden. The area of eHealth is developing very rapidly and is becoming a driver of ICT development. Sweden's position in the area is good, and we are in many respects a model for other countries.


There are a number of challenges to address if Sweden is to strengthen its position in the area:

- Collaboration must be strengthened between different stakeholders, including: user groups, the public, industry and researchers.
- Education and training, especially in the public sector.
- Investments in certain technical areas.
- Standards for the widespread introduction of eHealth and to let in new innovative players.
-“Appstores”. Innovations must be presented in open marketplaces where the public is given opportunities for testing and deployment.
- Test beds and venues needed for the development of ideas and innovations.

When Sweden succeeds in eHealth we can all be winners

- The individual caretaker can live a healthier life with improved quality of life.
- The business community will see a new market, new innovations, opportunities for increased revenue, new jobs and export opportunities.
- The community will see reduced costs through new solutions and more efficient ways of working. At the same time, a healthier and more independent population benefits the national economy.

If we succeed with this, eHealth not only solves the future health and social care needs in Sweden, but also creates a new market that fits the Swedish business profile very well.

Download the eHealth agenda at www.sics.se/media/news/ehalsa-i-hemmet-en-innovationsagenda

The agenda eHealth at Home is worked out under the leadership of SICS, within the framework of the Strategic Innovation areas, a joint initiative between VINNOVA, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas. The purpose of the initiative is to create conditions for Swedish international competitiveness and sustainable solutions to global societal challenges.

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