RISE ICT stories: Digital Technology for Learning

Young woman studying by computer.

RISE SICS's online platform, “Scalable Learning”, supports the popular and highly efficient flipped classroom teaching method; the platform has been used by over 15,000 students and many hundreds of teachers at all levels.

RISE ICT is active in several areas of education, with a focus on technology that drives pedagogic renewal. SICS has partnered with KTH Royal Institute of Technology in using Scalable Learning for university courses as part of the university’s ongoing renewal of education through technology enhanced learning. The School of Electrical Engineering has signed an agreement with SICS to provide Scalable Learning for the whole faculty and students.

The need for efficient continuous, life-long learning is on the rise. Digitalization transforms society and industry, changing the contents of human work, and challenging the very notion of work itself. Both industry and individuals can stay competitive by leveraging new technology for education. SICS takes an active role in this development as partner in the PROMPT project, which develops a modern technology-enhanced distance Master’s program for software professionals.

The digitalization of education also offers great opportunities for schools. Within the Läraktiv project SICS works with Swedish secondary schools, helping teachers to use digital tools for active learning and a flipped classroom.

Although not a university, SICS cares deeply about education. Learning is vital for our society, underpinning a better quality of life for all. Technology may induce each and every one of us with the wish to improve, learn and develop.

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