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Internet of Sports and Well-being

Internet of Sports merges the Swedish sports tradition with a high level of technology expertise in order to create ICT-based innovations for improved individual achievements, greater sports experiences and increased well-being.

More people than ever are involved in sports, which have developed into a massive global business with significant economic value. Promoting an active lifestyle is paramount to increase public health and reduce stress on the healthcare system. Sweden has a unique opportunity to use sport to drive growth and enable digital innovations and improvements for athletes, the equipment, the spectators and the arenas.

To drive innovation, we collaborate with research and sports organizations, industry partners and product developers. Together, we invent new products and services that support athletes, coaches and other’s in their quest for excellence or just better achievements. Important partners are also companies and organizations whose main goal is to provide sports experiences to the audience, such as arenas, destinations, and media companies.

Our expertise ranges from advanced sensor systems, smart materials and clothing, interactive equipment, big data analysis and visualizations to interaction design, game mechanics and user experiences, as well as the technology infrastructure needed for the next generation of smart products. We also facilitate collaborative workshops through Makerspaces and Hackathons.

ICT + Sports = A new export success?

Together with actors from the whole ecosystem of sports we have started a collaboration to define a national strategy to enable innovation combining ICT and sports.

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Anya Ernest
Coordinating Internet of Sports & Wellbeing, Research and Design
+46 703 85 00 46
anya.ernest [at]

Christian Jonasson
Group Manager / Research Scientist
+46 70 915 18 41
christian.jonasson [at]

Peter Ljungstrand
Studio Director and Senior Researcher
+46 702 88 97 59
peter.ljungstrand [at]

Björn Norberg
Sales Manager
+46 707 671200
bjorn.norberg [at]

Cristina Rusu
Senior Expert, Micro System technology
+46 (0)70 915 18 26
cristina.rusu [at]

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