Competence AreaAutomation and Industrial Processes

Automation and Industrial Processes

Global competition drives industry towards more flexible, cost-efficient and adaptable production. On the other hand, global growth demands resource-efficient and sustainable production. Automation and digitalization is the solution and we are the experts.

Information and communication technologies are vital enablers for efficiency in many respects including productivity, energy, and environmental impact. But the digitalization of industry goes beyond the use of ICT for better resource consuption and fewer emissions. It means smarter and safer workplaces, new industrial and societal networks, and a more interactive and responsive way of doing business. We see a rapidly increasing demand and need for automation and industrial ICT, and we are running a large number of industrial innovation projects together with large companies as well as SMEs.

Within RISE ICT we have deep scientific knowledge as well as extensive industrial experience within automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning, sensors and sensor systems, specialty optical fibers, systems and software engineering, cloud computing, resource utilization and efficiency, optimization, visualization and user experiences – all vital components for the renewal of Swedish industry.

We are also experts in sensor solutions and IoT platforms for environmental monitoring and energy efficiency and we always assume a development perspective, focusing on people and residents and prioritizing their needs and experiences.

Strategic innovation program: Process Industrial IT and Automation (PIIA)

RISE SICS Västerås is running the Strategic innovation program Process Industrial IT and Automation (PIIA).

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Alvaro Aranda Muñoz
Research Engineer
+46 70 227 38 69
alvaro.aranda.munoz [at]

Markus Borg
PhD, Senior Researcher

markus.borg [at]

Jawad Elomari
+46 76 127 10 66
jawad.elomari [at]

Ulrik Franke
PhD, Senior researcher

ulrik.franke [at]

Anders OE Johansson
Assisting program manager, PiiA

anders.johansson [at]

Christer Johansson
Senior Expert, Professor
+46 72 723 33 21
christer.johansson [at]

Björn Löfvendahl
Research Engineer
+46 73 084 46 05
bjorn.lofvendahl [at]

Björn Norberg
Sales Manager
+46 707 671200
bjorn.norberg [at]

Tomas Olsson
PhD, Senior Researcher

tomas.olsson [at]

Zohreh Ranjbar
PhD, Researcher

zohreh.ranjbar [at]

Åsa Rudström
PhD, Senior Researcher
+46 70 774 88 32
asa.rudstrom [at]

Mats Tallfors
Ph Lic, Senior Researcher
+46 70 390 06 25



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