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We have expertise in running complex projects with a wide range of stakeholders. Our wealth of knowledge and industry experience have been central to hundreds of successful projects. Click on the projects below to read our stories.


Lastbil under tråd

How to scale up electric road systems

Electric Road Systems are currently being demonstrated on public roads in Sweden, but how to take the step to large scale operations? How will the business ecosystem work and how can interfaces be standardized?


Första förbandet som säger till

Tack vare en kombination av Absorbests kunskap om superabsorberande sårvårdsprodukter och RISE forskning som visar att det går att skapa molekyler som gör att plast kan leda elektricitet kunde Absorbest förverkliga sin idé om att skapa smarta sårförband.


Body-based sensor networks – a groundbreaking solution for health care

Through the BioCom-Lab initiative, Linköping University and RISE Acreo are developing bio-electronic solutions for future medical and health care.


Electric car sharing user study in Shanghai

China is in need of more sustainable transport solutions. To increase knowledge about customer needs and demands, RISE Viktoria has performed a user study for the EVCARD service in Shanghai.


Cars on highway in sunset

Big Data tells us stories about reality

The time has come for heavy traffic to be digitalized. Real life data from the vehicles, the environment and the traffic situation will pave the way for better service from the trucks, more efficient traffic flows and reduced environmental impacts.


Innovation challenges in the vehicle industry

Innovation contests are one way to organize open innovation. Research has shown that third party development can accelerate development of new services and products, but that this type of distributed development needs to be controlled. RISE Viktoria know how.


Man looking at computer screens.

Gaining full control of our coastline

The Swedish Coast Guard is now deploying a data analysis module developed over several years at RISE SICS to detect problematic anomalies in vessel traffic along our coasts.


Sound design for electrical vehicles

Electrical vehicles can be hard for pedestrians to detect, making accidents more common. The European Parliament has ruled that, starting in 2019, all new electric vehicles must be equipped with an acoustic vehicle alerting system, called SAVAS.


Digital technology for learning

RISE SICS's online platform, “Scalable Learning”, supports the popular and highly efficient flipped classroom teaching method; the platform has been used by over 15,000 students and many hundreds of teachers at all levels.


Wireless charging of electric vehicles

RISE Viktoria, together with Vattenfall, Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, the cities of Stockholm and Gothenborg and Test Site Sweden at Lindholmen Science Park, has launched Europe’s first user test of wireless charging.


Next generation mobile communication in mining

A digital wireless mine with autonomous vehicles and no people underground might sound like science fiction, but huge strides are being made to turn this into reality.


Strengthening children’s democracy in Children Make

There’s something magical about watching someone learn and experience the sense of pride and joy when creating things and coming up with ideas with other people. This is what Children Make is all about.


HOPS, Software-as-a-Service from SICS’s new datacenter

Hadoop Open Platform-as-a-Service (Hops) is a new distribution of Apache Hadoop that is based on a next-generation, scale-out architecture for HDFS and YARN metadata. Hops is provided as software-as-a-service for researchers and companies in Sweden from the newly started SICS ICE data center in Luleå.


Revolutionary moisture measuring tool

Invisense is a spin-off company of RISE Acreo and Printed Electronics Arena (PEA), which has developed a concept for a humidity sensor based on printed electronics. The aim is to develop modern sensor technology for measuring moisture in buildings and to take the product to market.


More trains on malmbanan a prerequisite for LKAB’s expansion

Malmbanan is the backbone of LKAB’s logistics system. RISE SICS identified opportunities for optimizing timetables, enabling more trains can run on the route.


Machine intelligence, friend or foe?

RISE SICS, in collaboration with strategic partners, is establishing a new five year research center, Learning Machines @ SICS, for advanced research and applications in Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning.


Intelligent insole for elderly fall prevention

Falls are a major health issue for the elderly, both in their immediate effects, such as fractures and head injuries, as well as longer-term problems, such as disability and loss of independence. RISE Acreo participated in WIISEL, an EU-project to develop a smart insole that detects risk for falling.


Helping people make sustainable travel choices

Many attempts have been made to encourage people to work toward a more sustainable lifestyle. A key area of focus for making sustainable choices is everyday travel. UbiGo is an innovative service for personal mobility that was tested in Gothenburg for six months in a very successful field trial.


Analyzing performance in sports

Sensors and smart textiles can measure an athlete’s movement, and give valuable data to improve competitive performance. This technology could also be used to give spectators at sporting events additional insight and experiences. This is the focus of the EVINN (Event-Based Innovation) project, an outgrowth of solutions that in many cases are based on the results of studies on smart garments for people suffering from neurological diseases.


Experience history through bronze age binoculars

Vitlycke Museum is an experience and knowledge center for the Tanum UNESCO World Heritage site, and its Bronze Age rock carvings. From a new observation point, visitors will have a view of the landscape and rock carvings. Modern technology, designed by RISE Interactive, will offer an augmented reality of the view, allowing visitors to see the way the site looked in the Bronze Age.


eHealth at home a strategic agenda for eHealth innovation in Sweden

RISE ICT has devised an action plan for positioning Sweden at the forefront of development and implementation of services and products to support home care for the elderly and chronically ill.


5G Lab

New 5G research lab fosters collaboration

RISE Acreo, in cooperation with Ericsson and KTH, launched the Kista 5G Transport Lab in 2014 - a key to fulfilling the demands of the truly Networked Society of the future.


Urban Explorer - city planning reinvented

RISE Interactive and Visualization Center C have created a visualization table that allows you to explore and evaluate urban development projects in collaboration with others.


Smart charging of electric vehicles

A new architecture, developed by RISE Viktoria, Ericsson, Volvo Car Corporation and Göteborg Energi, allows drivers to control charging of their electric cars while they are plugged into any ordinary power outlet. Additionally, the system directs energy costs to the car owners’ bill.


Big is beautiful and the power of data

The volume of information produced by smartphones, cloud services, business databases and industrial sensors grows every day. Properly analyzed, this information can be a valuable source of knowledge. RISE SICS is managing a pioneering research project into the power of Big Data Analytics.


The congestion-free city

The Göta Älv river is the longest in Sweden and flows right through the city of Gothenburg. Important inland shipping creates problems for the city’s authorities as opening bridges causes traffic delays. These are among the challenges of the ambitious GOTRIS research and innovation project.


Smarter use of electric energy

One of the main consequences of global development is the increasing demand for electric energy. This poses a serious threat to the global climate as long as electric energy generation relies predominantly on the fossil fuels. This demand, in conjunction with limited natural fuel resources, and threats from climate changes, are major factors behind the need to use electric energy in a more efficient way.


Keep the innovation process in motion

IKEA boasts more than 8,000 different products in stock. New models and designs are added weekly. The Swedish furniture giant must keep the innovation process constantly in motion to maintain its market share and uphold the brand.


The media distribution of tomorrow

Online traffic and congestion are increasing every year and require more and more energy. Ensuring sustainable media distribution, without the user experiencing a degradation in perceived quality, is the key challenge being tackled by the EFRAIM project.


Närmare vård - på distans

Nästan en halv miljon människor i Sverige har den kroniska lungsjukdomen KOL. Sjukdomen innebär regelbundna besök på sjukhus för kontroller, provtagning och behandling. Men kanske inte så länge till.


Mindblowing experiences through interactivity and creativity

When the largest exhibition in the museums history at The National Museum of Science and Technology, MegaMind, was inaugurated in 2016, Interactive Institute were proud be a part of three, out of 40, of the installations in place.


Security solutions for smart grids

RISE SICS is involved in a European project taking a holistic approach to secure smart electricity grids.


3D visualization of Ostlänken high-speed railroad project

Ostlänken is the first in a new generation of faster and more reliable railroads in Sweden. In such a large infrastructural project it is crucial to develop new tools for better understanding, increased citizen dialogue and involvement.


Using magnetic technology for Water purification

RISE Acreo is part of a water-purification project focusing on tailoring micrometer-scale magnetic particles so that they bind specifically to unwanted substances in water.


Little girl, sitting in a dark, playing with laptop looking sad

Welcome to The Hate Bin, a tool to handle hate on the internet

Lately, online harassment has been highlighted as a troubling phenomena both in traditional and social media. The Hate Bin is a project that aims to explore the phenomena of online harassment through user research and design prototypes.


Environmental sensors making cities better places to live

Rapid urbanization is leading to deteriorating city environments and posing a threat to general health. But effective environmental monitoring can slow this phenomenon. This is the basis for a project in which RISE Acreo is collaborating with seven partners to develop cheap, simple environmental monitors for better air quality.


Open Energy Playground

Open Energy Playground focuses on how we can simplify the process of creating innovative energy visualization services. The project will seek to understand the needs around such tools, as well as how we can increase the availability of existing tools around energy visualization for a wider audience.


Microneedles – a painless choice for diabetics

Over 380 million people – more than five percent of the world’s population - live with diabetes. By 2035, this number is expected to rise to nearly 600 million. Most people with diabetes need to monitor glucose levels, but some find the process painful. Microneedles can help.


Participatory design for life beyond retrofitting

What should an apartment contain to encourage residents to act in a more environmentally friendly manner? This question was explored in the DelibRetro project together with Eskilstuna Kommunfastighet AB.


New radar technology improves traffic safety

The Swedish Transport Administration’s vision of zero traffic fatalities and the EU’s traffic safety objectives for 2020 together pose enormous challenges. Smarter monitoring systems based on millimeter-wave radar are part of the solution to help reduce the number of accidents on roads and railroads.


Mobility as a service

Mobility as a Service, MaaS, is often described as the most exciting paradigm shift at present in the transport sector. RISE Viktoria is involved in several MaaS-related projects and has established itself as one of the leading research-actors in the field.


Skellefteå first with smart home

Skellefteå was the first city to present an internationally unique solution for a practical open smart home – a shared platform for digital services in comfort, security and energy. The platform has been developed under the Smart Homes project headed by RISE ICT.



A global OEM of heavy equipment with headquarters in the U.S. invited design researchers from the RISE Interactive to architect and facilitate a new way of working with previous research, organizational competence, and user insight.


Designing future autonomous systems

Modern technologies and automation have the potential to create a paradigm shift in the relationship between driver and vehicle. Future driver interfaces must be designed so that they support safe driving as well as other important customer values, including work-efficiency and comfort.


Into the telecom future

For each new telecom generation, new advanced computer science technologies work their way into telecom systems and become hot topics for collaboration between RISE SICS and Ericsson.


High-precision measurement with fiber optics can increase manufacturer productivity

The growing demand for inexpensive, high-quality optical components for consumer electronics, such as mobile phones and digital cameras, puts pressure on the manufacturing industry. The Swedish company System 3R International partnered with RISE Acreo to develop a flexible, high-precision measurement system.


Ensuring user integrity when handling internet traffic data

“An exciting and important project with an impressive constellation of partners” is how VINNOVA describes the new RISE Acreo project, DISTINCT (Distributed measurements of ICT-usage). The project’s aim is to contribute to a digital society in which we can use Internet traffic data to develop services and infrastructure in a way that does not conflict with personal integrity.


The future of home furnishing - With a focus on the body and technology

RISE SICS and IKEA have established a partnership in order to explore applications for digital technology in the home. For some time now, SICS has been engaged in developing a method for examining the aesthetic and experiential possibilities of digital technology.


An industrial approach to breast cancer treatment

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer she is drawn into a series of examinations, tests and treatments with interdependent elements in several steps. Because the prognosis for recovery is tied to how quickly she gets help, it is important to minimize the time between the first doctor’s appointment and the commencement of treatment.


Method for measuring charge in electric vehicle batteries to be commercialized

Through the project State of the Function, RISE Viktoria has developed a method for taking better measurements of state of charge, which will now be patented and commercialized by Volvo.


Fiber-based broadband - a good investment

Fiber-based broadband is a good investment for society. RISE Acreo investigates technical and business solutions for fiber-based broadband networks, and their impact on the economic growth.


A make-over of the Swedish railroad planning process

Inspired by modern industry production concepts such as Lean Production and Just-In-Time, RISE SICS has developed an entirely new planning process for the Swedish Transport Administration, resulting in more flexibility and cost-savings for the train operators. “This is a paradigm shift for us,” says Hans Dahlberg at the Swedish Transport Administration.


Business sustainability

Massive efficiency improvements are urgently required in the industrialized world to meet the demands of developing economies if we also want to improve sustainability. Simultaneously, Swedish industry needs to be more competitive. A circular business model addresses both these issues.


Fiber optics boosts productivity

Manufacturers today can choose from a wide variety of measurement techniques to ensure the quality of their products. Tool supplier System 3R International partnered with RISE Acreo to develop a flexible high-precision measurement system based on fiber optic technology.


Cloud-based services that guarantee security

The demand for cloud-based services is evolving on both national and international levels. By 2016, the turnover generated by the cloud service industry in Sweden is expected to reach 9 billion SEK. The IT industry must address critical security issues when handling critical or sensitive information to continue this growth.


3D visualization tool reveals the unknown

Imagine a tablet device the size of a dining table. You sweep the surface with your fingers to experience and explore objects in intricate 3D detail. Welcome to inside explorer – a powerful visualization tool that gives visitors to museums and science centers the chance to interact with exhibited objects.


Safeguarding water supply

The safe and efficient supply of clean water is a global challenge. Standards must be maintained and supply-chain problems detected early in order to prevent unnecessary disruptions in industry processes. RISE Acreo manages a large consortium developing a sensorbased, online monitoring solution that will provide safe and resource-efficient water management.