Strategic Innovation Agendas & Areas

Together with more than 100 industry partners, social actors and academies RISE ICT works to find solutions to our common challenges and to take advantage of our opportunities to strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness.

The Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova has initiated a number of programs to support activates for cross-border collaborations with a challenge-driven approach and to formulate research and innovation strategies for Sweden. RISE ICT work in over 30 of these strategic projects and initiatives, and is the coordinator of 7.

Strategic Innovation Areas


RISE SICS Västerås has been assigned to host the program office for a new Strategic Innovation Area of Sweden: Process Industrial IT and Automation. Collaborating with the automation industry in the region and Mälardalen University, the plan is to develop this strategic area for the nation.

Contact: Anders OE Johansson, anders.oe.johansson [at], +46 70 562 52 50


Electronic systems - Smartare Elektronikssystem

Our aim is to strengthen core competences in enabling technologies for Electronic Systems, and secure the value chain, in order to strengthen Swedish industry and promote a sustainable society. Read the Strategic Innovation Area-program proposal “ICT Electronics Components and Systems”, a work coordinated by Acreo.

Read the agenda: ICT Electronics Components and System

Contact: Magnus Svensson, magnus.svensson [at], +46 70 696 36 17


Drive Sweden

It's not all about driverless vehicles. This is a completely new approach to mobility. We are on the threshold of a radical shift, and it's happening fast. In just a few years the world will change. We will see entirely new mobility business models enabling sustainable cities. Drive Sweden is a Strategic Innovation Program launched by the Swedish government that gathers the best in the area – from all sectors of society. The aim is to make optimal use of all possibilities, but also to address the challenges that could arise along the way. This could pertain to road safety, adaptation of infrastructure and legislation that needs updating.

Contact: Kent-Eric Lång, kent-eric.lang [at], +46 70 241 01 03


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Strategic Innovation Agendas

eHealth for improved homecare - Ehälsa i hemmet

Together with homecare providers, clinics, stakeholder organizations, academia, research institutes and municipalities, RISE ICT drives the national strategic agenda ”eHealth for improved homecare”. The goal is to give individuals the ability to grow old at home under secure conditions, even when ill.

Read the agenda: eHälsa i hemmet (sv)

Contact: Per-Olof Sjöberg, per-olof.sjoberg [at], +46 70 519 04 91


Together with a number of partners, RISE Interactive coordinates a national research and innovation agenda for the games sector. The goal is to position games as a research and innovation area, and strengthen Sweden’s long term innovation capacity.

Read the agenda: Agenda Game

Contact: Carl Heath, carl.heath [at], +46 70 240 20 37

Information Driven Society

Our goal is that Sweden will be at the focal point of the convergence between Big Data Analytics, Cloud technology and the Internet of Things to create the first fully information driven society. Read the Strategic Innovation Area-program proposal “Information driven society”, a work coordinated by RISE SICS.

Read the agenda: The Information Driven Society

Contact: Daniel Gillblad, dgi [at], +46 8 633 15 68

Future Media Distribution

The results of the Acreo coordinated project EFRAIM have led to a new strategic innovation agenda for future media distribution. In which the mission, or the goal, is to create a solid research and innovation program aimed at ground-breaking renewal and sustainable development for Swedish Industry and society in the area of media distribution. The program intends to elucidate the challenges for Swedish industry in order to exploit the opportunities in the ongoing global media revolution.

Read the agenda: Future Media Distribution - An Innovation Agenda for Digital Media Distribution

Contact: Kjell Brunnström, kjell.brunnstrom [at], +46 70 841 91 05

Agenda for Future Sports and Sports Experiences

Together with actors from the whole ecosystem of sports we have started a collaboration to define a national strategy to enable innovation combining ICT and sports.

Read the project summary: Agenda for Future Sports and Sports Experiences (In Swedish)

Systems-of-systems agenda

A strategic innovation agenda for the field of system-of-systems (SoS).

Read the project summary: Systems-of-systems agenda

Contact: Jakob Axelsson, jax [at], +46 72 734 29 52

Software Development

Strategic Resesearch and Innovation Agenda for Software Development.

Read the project summary: Software Development

Contact: Jaana Nyfjord, jaana [at], +46 72 232 68 03