Together for sustainable digitalization!

Digitalization is rightly on everyone's lips. We have embarked on the fourth industrial revolution wherein information and communication technology (ICT) is the primary prerequisite for digitalization, robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and automation. In the period 2006–2013 alone, ICT accounted for 42 % of the increase in productivity in Sweden.

Parallel to this, we see the emergence of a sharing economy that demands new business models, new social infrastructure and new ways to define growth and productivity. Products become services, vertical business models are replaced with shared platforms, user experience is core and transports are automated for a safer and greener work environment.

Increasing awareness about digitalization and its enormous influence on industry and society has resulted in a dramatic increase in interest in RISE ICT, our expertise and our results. Industry's digital transformation and other decisive future issues, such as how to secure society's welfare services, democracy and inclusion, security and integrity, are issues that RISE ICT works with in more than 500 research and innovation projects, always in close concert with industry, institutes, academia and society. And we are very proud to receive exceptionally high ratings on customer satisfaction, year after year.

Our ambition is to be a driving force in, and recognized for, ensuring that Sweden and Swedish industry are world leaders in the development and use of ICT. An ambition and a mission that we have had since the birth of the Internet and that we would never achieve without our highly knowledgeable and dedicated employees.

Now we are expanding to better meet the needs of industry and society for smart digital solutions. RISE ICT can be found throughout Sweden, from Luleå in the north to Lund in the south, and we are never more than an e-mail away.

Leif Ljungqvist
Senior Vice President RISE ICT / CEO

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