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Meet Our Researchers

Meet our researchers

Interview: Håkan Sundelin

You have just recently left Scania to take up a research position at RISE Viktoria. What is it about institute life that prompted you to switch jobs?

Interview: Erik Einebrant

"2016 is the year of virtual reality. I personally hope for a lot of game releases, both outside and inside the context of my job as a researcher at Interactive Institute."

Interview: Ulrika Linderhed

What is the best thing about working for Acreo?

Interview: Victoria Svedberg

"There are so many public resources that can be used more efficiently with the help of computerized optimization. This area is a gold mine to explore"

Interview: Theodore Vasiloudis

How did you find your way to SICS?

Interview: Anna Sirkka

"One of our goals is to excel at user experiences by combining sound design with augemented reality, virtual reality and 360° videos.”

Interview: Christer Johansson

How did you come to work with Acreo?

Interview: Ann-Charlotte Mellquist

How can digitalization contribute to a circular economy?

Interview: Maria Nilsson

Can you give us an example of your field of research?

Interview: Carl Heath

Tell us about a challenge in your research.

Interview: Cristina Rusu

Give us an example of your research on wireless micro-sensors.

Interview: Simon Duquennoy

What is your expertise within Internet of Things?

Interview: Jim Dowling

Why is it that SICS attracts so many students for their master’s thesis projects?

Interview: Mikael Lind

What is Sea Traffic Management and in what way can it contribute to more sustainable shipping?

Interview: Camilla Stålstad

You are involved in several projects connected to the electrification of cars,
why is this area of interest?

Interview: Petronella Norberg

You have played a vital role in developing a functioning disposable printed biosensor.
How far is it from the market?

Interview: Marco Forzati

Can you describe the overall benefits of your research and methods – for society and industry?

Interview: Mats Willander

Can Sustainable companies also be highly profitable?

Interview: Walter Margulis

How can fiber optics take you to a new level?

Interview: Annelise De Jong

What is your biggest research challenge?


Meet our former researchers

Interview: Cecilia Katzeff

How can design help us achieve a sustainable society?

Interview: Daniel Fällman

Being part of the Future Research Leader's program, what is especially valuable to you?

Interview: Oscar Täckström

What is the most prominent trend in your area of interest? What will be the next hot technology?