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RISE ICT is your partner for sustainable digitalization in industry and society. We combine research excellence within Information and Communication technologies (ICT) with industry knowledge offering both specific ICT expertise and cross-functional digital solutions.

Our research results are converted into innovations that contribute to greater competitiveness and renewal in industry and society, and a better quality of life. As an independent applied research institute, we always work in close collaboration with industry, the public sector and academia.

RISE ICT is a neutral, non-profit-distributing division within RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. The RISE ICT division comprises of RISE Acreo, RISE SICS, RISE Interactive and RISE Viktoria. Located in 11 cities, from Luleå in the north to Lund in the South, we have some 450 employees, most of them researchers.

Job openings at RISE ICT

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