- Enablers of sustainable digitalization

RISE ICT performs applied research, knowledge creation and innovation in both specific application areas and the generic platforms. Our role is to offer and provide solutions to existing and future needs based on ICT research. Together with partners, customers and users, solutions are developed as new services and products. In many cases the potential of new services and technologies are demonstrated in direct collaboration with our industrial partners or through testbeds and demonstrators, and in cases where the information is open in symposiums and direct outreach activities.

The most important general result of our activities is that time to market, from research and development to product launch, is shortened for industry. Start of a new business is another way to create renewal of industry and society based on ICT, for which RISE ICT has a successful process. For the public sector, it means a wider range of new services and new technologies with potential application for improved efficiency.

Our vision 

ICT for a sustainable and better life for everyone.

Our mission is to...

  • Promote sustainable growth in Sweden
  • Turn research into innovations
  • Contribute to competitiveness and renewal in industry and society
  • Improve quality of life

An independent partner for research and development

The institutes within RISE ICT are independent and experienced research and development partners and can therefore act as a link between academia, industry, public organizations and user groups. Our role strengthens innovation by gathering different disciplines and actors to effectively work together and provide cross-functional solutions.

Facilities and constellations for R&D

We have a series of testbeds, laboratories, development platforms and production services available for you; facilities that also serve as incubators for industrial development.

When a group of partners can work together without IPR restrictions we can form a constellation called a Center. A Center is a network to create efficient collaboration between research institutes, academia and industry to nourish innovation, share resources and efficiently commercialize research results. The centers are open for everybody active within the specific field of R&D. There are currently five centers led by the institutes within RISE ICT.

When our collaboration needs to be performed under strict non-disclosure we have a well established process for IPR and non-disclosure agreements.

From new components to service development

Access to key knowledge and technology is essential in order to create renewal in industry and society based on ICT. The institutes within RISE ICT conduct research and development in several of these key areas, ranging from sensors and actuators, communication networks and data analytics to visualization, interaction design and service development.

RISE Acreo – ICT Hardware, Sensors and Actuators
RISE Interactive – Interaction Design and Visualization
RISE SICS – Software Development and Computer Science
RISE Viktoria– Sustainable Mobility