RISE ICT stories: 3D visualization of Ostlänken high-speed railroad project

Ostlänken is the first in a new generation of faster and more reliable railroads in Sweden. Such a large infrastructural project has an enduring impact on citizens’ lives and it is therefore crucial to develop new tools for better understanding, increased citizen dialogue and involvement.

Ostlänken is the first in a new generation of faster and more reliable railroads in Sweden – fulfilling the needs of a population that increasingly demands climate neutral travel and transport for a sustainable future. The construction will be carried out between 2017 and 2021 and the approximate cost of the project is SEK 24 billion.
 Together with our partners City of Norrköping, Hyresbostäder and Norrköping Visualisering AB, RISE Interactive has created, several cutting edge interactive visualization tools. 
 One concept is the “World Sketcher”: A collection of tools that produce vivid sketches in 3D, with the same real-time creative experience of the pen, adding playfulness on top. A merger of kids’ building blocks and representations of reality. A digital sandbox.

The application allows huge differences in scale, from an overview of the city and its surrounding terrain to a frog’s eye view. Users can access building blocks and brushes, rendering any modifications of the existing map child’s play. Users can draw terrain, buildings, vegetation and roads. Anything from 3-storey buildings in the style of classical city blocks to 15 storey high-risers, in 2010’s design.

Another concept developed is the “Social Explorer”, a tool for exploring the particulars of a certain environment that are usually hidden. By adding social media layers – through geo-tagging and other metadata, new patterns related to a place or a region emerge. 
 Both of the concepts mentioned above are on public display in the Urban Vision Exhibition at Visualization Centre C in Norrköping.

The third concept being born out of this project, we call “Earth Autopsy”. A set of tools, designed to combine earth measurements and data with the surface of the land, for a full, in-depth understanding of an area. By deploying a similar design as in the previous concepts, users can probe and explore by “peeling” layers of information in the 3D-model, exposing challenges to their city. Engaging in its future.

This story was published in our annual report 2015.

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